Award Guidelines

Young Alumna(us) of the Year

The Loyola University New Orleans Alumni Association will honor one young alumna(us).


  1. The alumna or alumnus must exemplify those characteristics that Loyola seeks to form in its graduates – namely moral character, service to humanity, and unquestionable integrity.
  2. The alumna or alumnus must demonstrate a strong commitment to her/his community and Loyola through volunteer service.
  3. The alumna or alumnus must be recognized for her/his accomplishments in her/his profession or other areas of endeavor.

Additionally, those nominated for the Young Alumna (us) Award must have graduated from Loyola within the last ten years.

Posthumous nominations will be considered.

General Rules

  1. The Loyola University New Orleans Alumni Association is responsible for the awards.
  2. At least five committee members must be present to conduct committee business and when a final vote is taken on the award recipients.

Selection Committee

  1. The committee shall be composed of the members of the Young Alumni Pack Board. 

Duties of the Selection Committee Members

  1. Act in accord with the guidelines set forth for the award.
  2. Make an extraordinary effort to attend all necessary deliberations of the committee.
  3. Review the procedures for calling for and receiving nominations and determining what information the nominators should be asked to submit.
  4. Select recipients.


  1. The recipients must hold an earned doctoral, master, bachelor or associate degree, or a two year certificate or diploma from Loyola University New Orleans.
  2. A recipient must not have received one of these awards previously.


The awards shall be given at an appropriate alumni gathering.

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