Alumni Association Selects Graduation Award Recipients

Each year the Alumni Association offers Loyola University New Orleans graduating seniors the opportunity to apply for the Graduation Awards. 

Shercole King, co-chair of the Alumni Association's Scholarship Committee, explains the importance of the award. King states, "the Graduation Award is important to the Alumni Association because it gives us a chance to honor some of the amazing students Loyola has to offer. The magnificent students Loyola continues to produce, not only in academics but serving our community continues to shock us every year. We want these students to know in a small way how we appreciate them, not only choosing Loyola but letting Loyola's mission into their heart. We love Loyola and the students and we want to share in the excitement of all the great things they do and let them know we are here for them."

Graduating students apply for the award in the fall and the award will be applied towards the recipient’s Spring 2019 tuition expenses. King shares the Scholarship Committee's selection process by explaining,"The committee selects recipients based around GPA, Resume and Cover Letter, Recommendations and Interviews. A lot of our focus is getting to know the students in interviews and just understanding them as a whole and not just a GPA score. It is important for us to know their story and how Loyola transformed these students. We have all been transformed by our experience at Loyola and its refreshing to see the tradition continue and shape these students."

King says her favorite part of the process is meeting and interviewing the students. She states, "They always wow us about all the amazing things these students are doing outside of the classroom! Just watching them grow in academics, professionally, socially and their faith is truly been an amazing journey for us! We are often left inspired by their passion for creating a better world for us all!" 

Congratulations to the 2019 Alumni Association Graduation Award Recipients, 

College of Arts and Sciences: 
Mignon Blanc
Kristen Williams

College of Law: 
Amber McMillan
Shiena Normand

College of Music and Fine Arts: 
Crysten Price




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