Alumni Success: Dan Fowler '17

Daniel Fowler has recently launched Reunion Shoe Company. His brand is far more than shoes and hats, rather it ties in to a bigger part of the community. Reunion Shoe Company focuses on providing necessary tools and support to help former homeless members of the community get back on their feet.

After spending time in the New Orleans community throughout his time at Loyola, Dan noticed the housing issue and decided he wanted to make a change. He desired to provide former homeless members of his community with support to help them thrive.

With each purchase, Reunion Shoe Company gives back to help provide these people with the help they need. Fowler’s business approach encompasses much of the Jesuit identity, caring for the person as whole. Reunion Shoe Company addresses not just the financial needs, but also the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those whom they company is helping. Reunion Shoe Company plans to employ people who were recently homeless in hopes of providing wages, social services and counseling for their employees.

Fowler states, “What we’ve done is taken the idea of ‘business plus charity’ a step further. What we’re doing at Reunion is business yes-but we’re also doing life with our employees. It’s holistic care for the individual-not just bandaiding problems with temporary solutions.”

Pre-orders were launched on May 1, 2018 after almost one year of preparation and collaboration. Looking forward, Reunion Shoe Company plans to begin to make their first hire, open displays and develop new designs for the products. To learn more or make a purchase, visit www.reunionshoe.com.


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