Alumni Success: Dr. Tara Guillermo Berner ’96

The Faithful Doctor 

Dr. Tara Guillermo Berner ’96 is a full time mother of six children, part time family medicine doctor, and truly a woman with and for others. She was raised in Raceland, LA and graduated from E.D. White Catholic School. Going to a small Catholic high school with a graduate coed class of 100, Loyola was a natual extension of her small scale Catholic school, but in the "big city." She earned her undergraduate degree majoring in chemistry from Loyola University New Orleans (1992-1996). Berner recalls from an early age, she was taught the importance of touch and healing by her father, a general surgeon. In kindergarten, her grandmother had sewn her a white coat that she would wear to work with her father as she observed his rounds and interacted with his patients. Additionally, her mother was a nurse. 

As Dr. Berner reflects on her time at Loyola she recalls “spending countless hours within the walls of the submarine styled science building. Dr. Jasjit Walia, a soft spoken brilliant Organic Chemistry professor, kept his door open for students to stop in. [She] took advantage of his office hours and soaked in his wisdom as he drank his medicinal water with apple cider vinegar. As a Sikh member, his religion forbid him to cut his hair since it is a precious gift from God. One time [she] witnessed his methodical ritual of neatly winding his jet black mustache, beard and hair into a circular turban on the top of his head.” She then stated “studying at a Catholic university, it was this gentle natured Indian man that inspired me to pursue excellence and maintain balance in my life.” While she love organic chemistry, Loyola’s curriculum allowed her to “fulfill [her] creative left side brain cravings with ceramics and photography.”

After her time at Loyola, Berner then earned her medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, LA. She completed her residency at East Jefferson Family Practice Residency in Metairie, LA. After completing her residency, and while she was building her medical practice, she returned to Loyola’s campus to volunteer as a physician with the Student Health Center. Dr. Berner is board certified in Family Medicine and has been on staff at Ochsner since August 2004. Dr. Berner's special medical interest is in female health. 

Dr. Tara and her husband Augie are parents to six children (ages 15 -1) and reside in New Orleans. Now as a full time mom and part time doctor, her family returns to Holy Name for mass. Berner states “my toddlers call it the ‘play church’ since it has the best compilation of cry room toys in the area.”  

Dr. Tara Guillermo Berner was recently interviewed on “The Heart of Living” a Catholic community radio station.  To listen to her interview, click here.

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