Alumni Success: Frances Rios '94

March 2016, San Juan, Puerto Rico: Womanpreneur Frances Rios, pioneer of women inclusion in Puerto Rico and alumna of Loyola University, class of 1994, launched her third book, this time focused on empowering women and supporting companies accelerate business results.

“Everyday business owners -women and men-, high level professionals, college students and aspiring entrepreneurs ask me:
How do I make it? How do I start my business? What should I do to reach the corporate pinnacle? How do I attract, retain and promote the best female talent?,” explained the Puerto Rican international speaker. She says “My answer is always: Identifying and focusing on your next professional pinnacle and counting on a guide that leads you step-by-step to reach your goal and the next in line… we always have a next professional pinnacle… another challenge.”

"Reshaping the Model: Lessons Learned from the Boys' Club© is a business book, easy to read for men and women who want to achieve their career or personal goals and who want to create cultures of women inclusion" expressed the businesswoman.

The innovative business book combines stories of Frances’ successful career at local and international levels. In turn, integrates proven strategies and guidelines leading to step-by-step process of growing professionally and integrate inclusion in their business plans as they do when they are Leed or ISO certified.

According to Carmen Castillo, President & CEO of SDI International Corp “Every CEO — or simply anyone leading an organization — has to read “Reshaping the Model”. The book provides crucial guidance to promote a culture of inclusion and accelerated revenue growth for women. Ms. Rios’ insights and strategies to recruit, promote and retain the best female talent in organizations are spot on.”

The expert in communication and women's inclusion noted “I share with the readers the tools that have enabled me to achieve important professional challenges through more than 20 years as a spokesperson and senior executive for Fortune 100 companies in Puerto Rico and the United States, as well as international entrepreneur-speaker". "We can all transform and impact the lives of others in order to prosper personally and at the community level.

“Reshaping the Model: Lessons Learned from the Boys' Club© gives women and men:
• Strategies to identify and reach their next professional pinnacle.
• Create your "Personal Soundboard™" to adjust time and efforts.
• Tactics to take strategic risks to be more flexible and “resilient."
• Develop corporate programs to encourage women inclusion and accelerate their economic results.

Reshaping the Model: Lessons Learned from the Boys' Club© is available in printed and electronic format through iTunes, Amazon, Walgreens, and FrancesRios.com. The buying power of Hispanic women, according to studies by Nielsen in the United States amounts to 1.2 trillion dollars, which puts them in the driver's seat. “Still, among women surveyed in the United States, these indicated that 91% of advertisers do not understand them.

"This is a worrying fact that leads us to think how much money companies are leaving on the table," emphasized the author of Reshaping of Model. Likewise, a new study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that at least 30% of women in leadership positions in companies adds 6% to net profit or "net profit margin”. ”Therefore, it is crucial that we give special attention to women aspiring segment (as men) to professional success, but in many occasions cultural issues lag behind when climbing the corporate world and business”, said Frances Rios who also created the first tool in the world to measure levels of inclusion of women in business called: W Certified Company™.

Proportions women/men:
— Only 23 presidents among the Fortune 500 in the US are women.
— 27 senators in Puerto Rico of which only five (5) are women.
— In the House of Representatives there are 51 seats, only eight are occupied by women.
— 78 municipalities and only 6 women are mayors.
— The vast majority of the boards of directors of large companies in
Puerto Rico and the United States have only one or two female members (average 5%).

About the author and her firm:
Frances Rios Communications is the only firm in Latin America dedicated to supporting women to achieve their professional pinnacle and help companies to position themselves as proponents of women. In fact, in Puerto Rico media catalog Frances Rios as the pioneer of women inclusion. The author is an international speaker, accepted by the National Speakers Association. Companies of all sizes and industries hire her to provide consulting and conferences/workshops either in English or Spanish.

For more details please visit, FrancesRios.com.

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