Athletics Live Stream Receives Upgrade

In partnership with the School of Mass Communication, Wolf Pack Athletics fans received a live stream upgrade! This fall, Loyola's live sports broadcasts from The Den began using multiple camera shots and video replay. 

"Starting this fall, we will livestream on-campus athletic events on the university website with the help of new state-of-the-art resources and an exciting new partnership between Athletics and the School of Mass Communication. Through this new partnership, students will gain valuable training and professional live broadcast experience", says President Tetlow. She explains, "Using some ofthe most advanced technology available, they will be able to shoot, edit, and produce sports journalism highlights and interviews that will be offered to local newsrooms. Audiences will enjoy better production, better sound, better video quality, and graphics not previously possible at Loyola.  And Wolf Pack Athletics will get more of the attention they deserve." 

The Maroon's Andrew Lang writes, "Now multiple camera shots will be available as well as video replay, according to technology coordinator and instructor Albert Dupont. Dupont said he will also be teaching students how to use the new equipment with ideally up to 12 to 15 who would work each game. He said that his digital production class will be involved but explained that it is open to all students". Click here for the full article in The Maroon.

To see a schedules, stats, games and scores, visit loyolawolfpack.com. To visit the portal for the live stream, click here.



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