Call for Nominations for Integritas Vitae

The annual Integritas Vitae Award is presented to a local, national, or world leader who has demonstrated the values and philosophy of a Jesuit education – namely moral character, service to others, and unquestionable integrity. This award will be presented at the 1912 Society Dinner on Friday, November 16, 2018.

As you consider making a nomination for the Integritas Vitae Award, please recall that Loyola honors faculty, staff, and alumni, respectively, with the following awards:

  • The Dux Academicus Award is presented annually in recognition of an outstanding member of the faculty;
  • The Coadjutor Optimus Award is given annually to outstanding members of the university staff;
  • The Adjutor Hominum Award is the highest honorific award bestowed by the Alumni Association on an outstanding graduate of Loyola whose life exemplifies the values and philosophy of Jesuit education.

In sum, the Integritas Vitae Award is distinctive as Loyola’s recognition of an individual of outstanding character from any walk of life -- with an enhanced focus on a person whose impact is pervasive and whose character should be subject to emulation by students, alumni, and the community. The literal translation of integritas vitae is "a life of integrity."

To nominate a candidate, please complete the Candidate Nomination Form and send to Megan St. Germain, in the Office of the Institutional Advancement, 7214 St. Charles Avenue, Box 909, New Orleans, LA 70118 or to mcstgerm@loyno.edu.

Please note that the recipient does not have to be a Loyola graduate, and that priority of consideration will be given to qualified candidates who are not currently employed by the university.

Thank you for helping the university to recognize a person who exemplifies our Jesuit mission.

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