Celebrate Easter

Holy Week is a very important time in our Christian faith. Easter is a sign of hope. Hope means believing that there is something greater than this world, than us.  Hope is believing in God.

As Christians, we believe that the love we find and express in our relationships, in our world around us, is a sign of a greater love, a spirit, a loving God, that somehow enflames our hearts, minds and souls. We are thankful for this living presence of God in our world. 

Hope brings gratitude. We cannot fully understand with the head yet we can be grateful with the heart. We express gratitude for the life we live, for the gifts we have been given, and for the people and the opportunities that have been put into our life. This week is a time to share this gratitude, this love, with your family, friends and community. 

As we move through Lent to the joy of Easter, we encourage our Loyola alumni to join as one community of believers to celebrate this feast of Easter. We ask all to join together in true acts of love. It is a season we join hearts for we Christians are truly Easter people

Let us celebrate this Easter with joy and be filled with gratitude for our everlasting life!

We wish you a joyous Easter!  

Ted Dziak, S.J.
Easter 2013

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