Digitized archive of Maroon is now available

Every single issue of The Maroon, dating back to its inception in 1923 through the spring semester of 2012, is now available online for global viewing in the Louisiana Digital Library:


Fundraising for this project started in 2009 and completed in the spring of 2012. The Maroons were shipped to our digitization vendor, Backstage Library Works, in July.

The importance of this project can’t be overstated. The older newspaper issues especially have deteriorated quite a bit over the years. Having them digitized serves two purposes towards long-term preservation: capturing what they look like now provides us with digital images which we can copy and backup so we have them forever regardless of further deterioration; and letting our users access the newspapers online means less handling of the papers and therefore less potential damage.

In addition, now the Loyola community worldwide can look at all 1,679 issues online; search them for specific people, places, and events; save images to their own computers; and share them with friends and family. The papers aren't just of interest to those looking for the history of Loyola--as artifacts of almost one hundred years of history they also contain drawings and advertisements, sports news, photos of students, faculty, and staff, and so much more.

This mass digitization project was made possible thanks to the following donors:

  • ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Ms. Michelle M. Fonseca
  • Mr. Gary G. Hymel
  • Miss Florence R. Largay
  • Mr. Carrol P. Mc Bride
  • Mr. Leo R. Mc Lean
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Mr. John P. Reilly
  • Mr. Edward M. Ruane
  • Mr. Paul F. Steen
  • Mr. Irvine J. Vidacovich, Jr.


A huge thanks to our generous donors and to Backstage Library Works for their beautiful work scanning The Maroon.

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