Young Alumni Pack Bylaws

Last Revised May 19, 2019

Section 1: Name and Purpose

A. The name of the association is the Loyola University Young Alumni Pack. 

B. The purpose of the Young Alumni Pack is to strengthen ties with recent graduates and encourage their continued involvement with the university. Young alumni are invited to share in all events and benefits of the alumni population, but in addition, are offered programs designed exclusively for them. 

C. The university's Young Alumni Pack develops and sponsors events that focus on career development, community service, personal development and other social activities to further enhance the relationshio between young alumni and the university. Those who have graduated within the past 10 years are invitied to participate in young alumni events. 

Section 2: Structure

A. The operations and business of the Loyola University Young Alumni Pack shall be governed by the Young Alumni Pack Board of Directors, not to exceed 20 members.  Terms of office will last one (1) year for the President and Past President and two (2) years for committee chairs and at-large board members. Terms will run from the first day of August to the last day of July.  No Member of the Young Alumni Pack shall serve more than four consecutive years (two consecutive terms) without prior recommendation by the Executive Committee.  

B. To further its purpose, the Young Alumni Pack shall include four committees:
I. Marketing
II. Enrichment
III. Professional Networking
IV. Community Service

The Board of Directors shall serve as Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall nominate any Loyola Young Alumni to fill vacancies on the Board.  


C. The Young Alumni Pack Board of Directors shall have an executive committee. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Past President, the President, and the Vice President.

D. The Executive Committee will meet on call by the Board President.  This committee shall have the power to act on behalf of the Board between meetings, but must report all of its actions to the Board. This includes approving the annual budget and any line items within the budget. 

E. If a member of the Executive Committee shall find him or herself elected in their ninth year out of college, then that member shall either:

I. Complete the remainder of their term by a majority vote of the Young Alumni Pack Board members, or
II. Resign and an election for the new Executive Committee member will be held at the next scheduled Young Alumni Pack Board of Directors general meeting.
III. If the said Executive Committee member is the President of the board, then the Vice President will take over and an election will be held to fill the vacancy of Vice President.

F. All vacancies occurring in any elected office shall be filled by a majority vote of the Young Alumni Pack Board of Directors.  It is acceptable to conduct the vote via email if necessary.

Section 3: President Responsibilities

A. The Board President shall preside over the  quarterly meetings.

B. The President shall serve as the primary contact and liaison between the Office of Alumni Relations and the Young Alumni Board.

C. The President shall serve and report to the Loyola University Alumni Association Board on behalf of the Young Alumni Pack.  If the President is already a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors then a representative from the Executive Committee will be appointed to represent the Young Alumni Pack in his/her place.  

D. The President shall monitor the implementation of the planned calendar of events; delegate responsibilities, and follow up with the Office of Alumni Relations.

E. The President shall assist in the planning of events that reach a variety of audiences and further the interest of the Young Alumni Pack and the University.

F. The President or Assistant Director of Alumni Relations shall send out meeting and event notices to the Young Alumni Pack.

G. The President shall serve a one-year term and will notify the Office of Alumni Relations if they are unable to serve the entire term.

Section 4: Vice President Responsibilities

A. The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President during his or her absence.  

B. The Vice President shall support the President with all Young Alumni Pack efforts. 

C. In the event that the President can no longer carry out his or her duties, the Vice President will be promoted to President.

D. The Vice President shall take minutes at Board and Executive Committee meetings, or ensure that someone else is doing so.

E. The Vice President shall distribute necessary papers before Board and Executive Committee meetings (i.e. agenda, minutes, etc.).

F. The Vice President shall keep a file of all agendas, minutes, etc.

G. The Vice President shall serve a one-year term and will notify the Office of Alumni Relations if they are unable to serve the entire term.


Section 5: Committee Chair Responsibilities

A. Committee Chairs preside over committee meetings as needed and reports on committee activities to the Board at its quarterly meetings.

I. Marketing Chair - responsible for all communications/marketing to the local alumni population through, but not limited to: 

a. Young Alumni Website Page
b. Young Alumni Spotlights
c. E-mail Communication
d. Facebook

II. Enrichment Chair– responsible for assisting the local young alumni population with social networking and personal development through, but not limited to:

a. Young Alumni Happy Hours
b. Annual Christmas Cocktail
c. Spiritual Events
d. Recreation Events
e. Other Special Interest Programs

III. Professional Networking Chair – responsible for assisting the local young alumni population with career networking and professional development opportunities that can include, but is not limited to:

a. Working with the Career Development Office
b. Professional Mixers
c. Professional Networking Programs

IV. Community Service Chair – responsible for assisting the local young alumni population with service opportunities at the frequency of at least one (1) event quarterly. It includes service to Loyola University New Orleans, which includes, but is not limited to:

a. Volunteering to assist Loyola events
b. Working with LUCAP
c. Assisting  and working with grassroots organizations to help rebuild the city of New Orleans
d. Serving on the WOTP planning committee

B. The Board shall select committee Chair(s) based on nominees.  Committee Chairs shall serve as members of the Board during their term.  

C. Committee Chairs will serve a two-year term, and will notify the Office of Alumni Relations if they are unable to serve a term of two years.

D. Board members not serving as President, Past President, Vice President or Committee Chairs shall be At-Large Board Members.  At-Large Board Members are required to participate on at least one of the four Young Alumni Pack Committees.

Section 6 :Meetings

A. The Young Alumni Board shall meet quarterly.  The Committees shall meet as necessary.  

B. A majority of the Board shall be present at the beginning of any regularly scheduled quarterly meetings before any official business can be voted on.

C. Members of the Young Alumni Pack Board of Directors who miss more than two consecutive regularly scheduled general Board meetings without sending written notification to the Office of Alumni Relations may be removed for lack of due diligence.  It shall be considered that the alumna/us has resigned. The Past President, President, and Vice President shall determine the adequacy of excuses. Vacancies created by any such resignation may be filled by any young alumni through a majority vote of the Board.

Section 7: Amendment and Effective Date

A. These Operating Guidelines shall be amended upon approval by the Young Alumni Executive Committee and a majority two-thirds vote of the Board. It is acceptable to vote via email if necessary.

B. These Operating Guidelines were adopted on August 13, 2013.